RENOSOL® - Trapezium Plates
RENOSOL plates provide the following advantages as weather-resistant plastic plates for carrier systems of photovoltaic superstructures:      low weight, no need of hoisting gear     no risk of injury     easy handling (drilling and sawing like wood)     high impact, breaking and tear resistance     optimale flow of rain water     chemically and biologically neutral     constant weight (no water absorption)     rot resistant and recyclable Usage Solar systems need a robust stand. Extreme weather variations and winds in hurricane forces require a stable foundation for your investments. The used heavy anchorage or concrete elements of the past are not neccessary anymore. Today often already available gravel fillings of 8-12 cm on flat roofs are strong enough to brave the forces together with RENOSOL®  trapezium plates. A filling of 12 cm of gravel results in a load (weight on RENOSOL® plate) of ca. 180 Kg/m². According to region, weather conditions and constructional situation you can apply additional gravel quantities. Subgrade RENOSOL® - Trapezium Plates can be used on all conventional preservation of structures plates or roof sheets (e.g. bitumen, PVC, TPU, EPDM, flexible polyolefins, roofings etc.). Fixing Superstructures and support frames made of aluminium, plastics, chrome steel or galvanized sheets on the RENOSOL® plates can be affixed by screwing or riveting. Rivet connections can    - without lifting - still be mounted, even if previously the RENOSOL® plates have already been layed on the roof. The guide bar of your fastening system is mounted from above directly on the RENOSOL®  - Trapezium Plates. Easy - quick - tight! The tensile strength of one rivet is  more than 100 Kg.   Rivet guns and rivets you can find in our accessories program. All our products are pre-registered subject to the REACH regulation 1907/2006/EC. RENOSOL® P960 Techn. Data Sheet Product Description Engineering drawing Material: Polyethylen (PE recyclate) Size: 1200 x 800 x 35 mm (± 1cm) Surface: 0.96 m² Weight: ca. 8 Kg/m² Thickness: ca. 8 mm Durability: min. 20 years RENOSOL® S480 Techn. Data Sheet Product Description Engineering drawing Material: Polyethylen (PE recyclate) Size: 800 x 600 x 35 mm Surface: 0.48 m² Weight: ca. 2.75 kg/plate (ca 5.5 kg/m²) Thickness: ca. 5 mm Durability: min. 25 years your partner in plastics Home Company Products Commodities Semi-finished products RENOSOL Services Contact > Downloads    > Terms & Conditions    > Legal Notice / Privacy    > Sitemap    > Contact    > German