Our technologies
RENO produces high-quality industrial grades and re-compounds which are with regard to the price an interesting alternative to expensive virgin granules. With our compounding line with automatic dosing and mixing stations we are able to supply different customer needs. We are focused on engineering plastics like PA6.6, PA6, ABS and PC/ABS as well as PS, PP and PE. This equipment allows us to produce unfilled as well as glass fibre reinforced materials which can also be modified with additives. So we are also an interesting service provider for producing compounds with customer’s raw materials. We comply with our high quality standards by all time identification of every product with our batch system. Both the used pre-products and the produced compounds are tested in our own laboratory. For every compound we have technical data sheets and for every produced batch we can provide laboratory test certificates. your partner in plastics > Downloads    > Terms & Conditions    > Legal Notice / Privacy    > Sitemap    > Contact    > German  Home     Company     About us Technologies Locations Products Contact